Valentine’s Day Escape: Finally updated it!

So, I finally got some feedback on Valentine’s Day Escape, which I started before I created this blog, and I’d actually left it aside for a bit. It was purely gameplay issues – the boat turning too slowly among them – but I decided that I might as well add some extras. At this point, it’s mainly artwork I need to finish.

A bit of background to this: on Valentine’s Day 2014, I came up with the idea of making a silly game in which Big Romance (Hallmark et al) were trying to kill the player for not taking part in this waste of time. They have you trapped in a procedurally-generated canal with a load of defective gifts and mocking adverts, in an attempt to overload you with feelings of guilt and loneliness (whatever that second thing is…). All you have on your boat is a cannon that launches brack that has been in the oven for too long. How long can you last?

So, sales download pitch out of the way, here’s what I did since the last version.

  • Doubled turning speed for boat
  • Added options to change mouse sensitivity
  • Tweak the score settings, and display the score constantly rather than just at the end
  • More ingredients along the track, allowing you to launch more Brack
  • The Brack Launcher has a second camera for aiming. By default, this is toggled by clicking the right mouse button
  • Music on the main menu
  • The main menu scene has been remodelled

As before, version 0.5 available here.

EDIT: Here’s some screenshots.

The starting scene, with the main menu.
The starting scene, with the main menu.

How the game appears when it's running.
How the game appears when it’s running.

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