Updates to Valentine’s Day Escape source

After that email about the source for VDE, I received several others from them, asking for help with the source code. It turns out that I’d hard-coded several values, causing things to break when anything was changed. I’ve fixed these, and have decided to just upload the source code files rather than my entire project. I’m doing this for two reasons: firstly, there are some assets I probably shouldn’t share under the licence I’m using – namely, some sound effects under a noncommercial licence, and Benchy Profiler – and because it’s going to be quicker to download. Just import the scripts into your Assets/Scripts folder, and they should be fine.

What’s changed:

  • Some syntax in LevelManager.makeInitialTrack() was rewritten for clarity
  • Less hard-coding of some variables. In particular, the maxiumum number of pieces allowed in the current track is a public value, allowing you to define exactly how many you want. I’ve also set it so that the TrackUpdater is moved to the centre of the new track, instead of the fifth segment out of 10 – it’s exactly the same, but more flexible.
  • Extra comments explaining the code

One other thing: I’ve added a disclaimer to the manual, which I should have added earlier. I built and tested VDE using my low-end Windows 7 laptop, so I have absolutely no idea how well this would work on any mobile device.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask me.

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