Editor Todo List on GitHub

I have a problem keeping track of where I am in my projects, so I created a task list for the Unity Editor. It’s now up on GitHub under the MIT Licence, so anyone can use or edit it.

It basically works as follows: a Task is very obviously something you need to do. It has a status of open or closed, a name and a description. When a task is marked as finished, it is assigned a close date. Multiple Tasks are grouped as a Category, which is simply a list of tasks and a name.

There is also a GUI panel for the Unity Editor, which allows you to see this and save/load tasks from the hard disk. That’s the only part likely to need updating, unless I get a request for more features.

To use it, just visit the GitHub like above, and then either clone it using git, or just download it as a zip. In either case, put it under Assets/Aceade/Todo List.

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