Spamocalypse Update (1.3)

Spamocalypse is now at v 1.3!

So, what’s changed. Well, not a lot, really. I’ve included loot, which didn’t take very long, and I’ve also added difficulty multipliers which affect how quickly the enemies will detect you. At normal difficulty (the lowest and the default setting), enemy detection speed is multiplied by one. On hard difficulty, this is multiplied by 2, and expert multiplies it by 3. The values for hard and expert are temporary, and may change later.

Now that this is done, I am going to start designing a proper level. Sounds like something that needs a pint (once the pubs open 🙂 )

As usual, it’s up on Dropbox as Spamocalypse v1.3. Feedback welcome!

UPDATE 10th of August: I’ve tweaked their ability to search for you. If they can’t see you while searching for you, they will search the nearby area instead of always searching ahead of their current position. I’ve also decided to leave the amount of time they will be distracted by a sockpuppet constant, but have their alert time scale with difficulty.

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