Spamocalypse 1.5: Saving!

Finally, I have a save mechanism for Spamocalypse. As usual, I based it on serialisation and deserialisation – basically, writing a class out to a binary file. There are actually two classes here: SpammerSave and SaveGame. The first one is a utility class that saves the following details for a specific NPC:

  • Position
  • Rotation
  • Alertness levels
  • Current state
  • Health

SaveGame holds a Dictionary of these in addition to the following player details:

  • Position
  • Rotation
  • Health
  • Loot gathered
  • Ammo count
  • Status of each objective

Almost all of these are primitive data types, such as integers or floats. Positions and rotations* are saved as instances of the SerializableVector3 class that I’ve been using in my pathfinding system to store positions, and which is just a serialisable version of the standard Vector3 class in Unity. The state of each NPC and objective is saved as an enum, which in C# can have integer values assigned to them, so serialising them is no problem at all.

So far, it worked when I tried this inside the Editor. It saves this into the persistent data path, which will vary for each operating system. As usual, the download link is here.

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