Spamocalypse 1.6 – Linux Build

The title says it all – I now have a Linux release for Spamocalypse!

This is pretty much my first ever Linux build, so it is buggy. I’ve noticed that the mouse position is consistently lower than the cursor position. I’ve added a workaround, which is to make controls a bright orange colour when they’re highlighted, instead of the default off-grey – if this is a problem for anyone who’s colour-blind, please let me know. Another issue is the same limited mouse rotation that I’ve been having in the Editor – I added arrow key rotation to get around that, but the rotation speed is hard-coded and quite slow.

In other news, I’ve set the main menu to use part of the geometry from the City Inbound level. Here’s a screenshot:

A screenshot of the main menu scene. A little too dark, perhaps?
A screenshot of the main menu scene. A little too dark, perhaps?

City Inbound itself is coming along – a stormy weekend in Ireland is the perfect time to sit down and do this sort of thing – but it’s not complete yet. I ran into problems baking the lighting, so I’ve had to adjust my workflow. Firstly, most of the buildings are split into separate parts: an outer shell, and inner sections for each room. This might actually benefit me when I’m baking occlusion culling into the levels, as it means hiding smaller objects that the player can’t see rather than one big object. I also found that if I lowered the resolution of the lightmaps, it sped things up massively.

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