New build: night vision, pathfinding fixes, tutorial messages

Another build for Spamocalypse. This has a few changes:

Night Vision effect
After some feedback from the Feedback Friday threads on the Unity3D forums (mainly about some parts being too dark to really see where they were going), I added in a night-vision effect that I found on the Unity3D wiki. This did lead to an issue where part of the UI was hidden by the scope effect, which you can see below, but I fixed that by adding a second camera which exclusively handles UI objects.

The NVG goggles effect, while the player leans around a corner. Includes a tutorial message.
The NVG goggles effect, while the player leans around a corner. Includes a tutorial message.

Tutorial messages
I am starting to lock down the mechanics, but I decided to add in a quick tutorial mechanism for the player, to show them how to move, crouch and jump. It’s pretty basic at the moment, and it’s limited to the default controls. However, this is at least a starting point for later.

Extra movement possibilities
AKA you can lean, jump, and crouch. I had originally planned to make these animation based, but animating a humanoid would have taken too long, so I resorted to scripting them. These mostly work, but the mechanism I added to recentre the player doesn’t quite work – it happens automatically, but if you look around while doing this, it doesn’t fully recentre the player. However, if you tap the key to lean in the direction that you’re tilted in (e.g. tap the Lean Right key if tilted to the right), it fixes this, so I’m not too bothered by it.

More props in both of the levels. I also fixed an issue with the light calculation where it would ignore obstacles between a light and a node, causing the illumination of a node to be inaccurate. This would have resulted in a character being visible even in shadow, which defeats the whole purpose of sticking to the shadows!