Spamocalypse Voice demo

I spent the weekend messing around with Audacity to create some voice lines for the Moderators in Spamocalypse. Here’s the interim results:

Here’s how I did this.

  1. Type the rough version of what I wanted to say into this online Shakespearean translator, and copy the results.
  2. On my terminal, run the following command to instruct eSpeak to create a sound file, using a (somewhat robotic) North English accent, and replacing $RESULTS with the results of the last step:
    espeak -w $FILENAME.wav -v en-uk-north "$RESULTS"
  3. Import the file into Audacity, and convert it to a stereo track.
  4. Slow it down by 20%.
  5. Add a reverb effect.
  6. Duplicate the track, and add the Wahwah effect
  7. Export as an OGG file

I was trying to go for something like the Hammer Haunts in Thief, and I don’t think I got there. It still sounds a bit robotic to me, but it’ll do as a placeholder for now.

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