Finally, a new build (and up on GameJolt)

Work’s been draining my enthusiasm lately, but I’ve finally created a new build of Spamocalypse. The main changes are:

  • Lifts and ladders. I am planning to rebuild the remaining levels to use more ladders, just to give the player some more routes.
  • I rebuilt the tutorial level from scratch. It now has more buildings to hide in or look inside, and a few ladders and a lift. Most of the buildings are empty, but I’ll think of more props later.
  • Some extra effects: the Moderators have green clouds flying around them, the spammers will actually vomit particles at you, and the bots now have a chimney that spews smoke
  • Some graphics fixes: there were a few parts in levels where the player can see through gaps in the scenery. With my old pitch-black sky, this wasn’t a problem. However, with the skyboxes I have, this becomes more noticeable.
  • Fixed a bug in the lighting check, where the coroutine only ran once, and then that light would never the player until they exited and entered again. The sun/moon light wasn’t affected by this.

So, I think I have the mechanics pretty much finished. At this point, it’s now just extra props and bug fixes. I’ve also finally uploaded it to Gamejolt as a mostly-complete work-in-progress (albeit as version 0.1.0). I’m going to keep Dropbox as a mirror.

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