Spamocalypse Updates: Mac build, bug fixes, new GUI

Less than a week since the last build, and I’ve had some feedback from several places.

Firstly, I now have a Mac build. This is completely untested – I don’t have a Mac myself to test it on, but somebody commented on the Feedback Friday thread that they couldn’t test Spamocalypse because they were on a Mac…so, I figured why not. Just don’t blame me if it breaks! 😛

New UI
The biggest criticism I had on the thread was that my GUI was awful – it was basically white rectangles that turned orange when highlighted. It mostly worked, but the style just didn’t match the game. So, I reworked the GUI completely so that the menus look like a piece of parchment, with red wax seals representing the buttons. It’s not 100% complete – I may rework the new briefing menu so that the text is over multiple pages, since I’m using a book as the background – but here’s a pair of before-and-after screenshots:



Bug and mechanic fixes
It wouldn’t be an “Early Access” game without these! So, here’s the list of stuff I fixed.

  • I forgot to assign some buttons for the game over screens. It basically looked like the game had frozen.
  • I finally fixed an issue where you could jump while leaning. This didn’t break anything, but it looked weird to be leaning at a 30 degree angle while jumping.
  • The way ladders used to work was that they would turn the player’s Rigidbody kinematic, and convert forwards/backwards movement to up/down movement, while leaving sideways movement unaffected. I’ve changed this to make the player’s Rigidbody ignore gravity instead, so that they won’t go through an object when using it. I’ve also added a tutorial message explaining how to use it.
  • One of my workmates thought the exhaustion mechanic needed to be refined. I’ve tweaked it so you can’t run, jump, attack or climb a ladder while exhausted, but you can move…albeit at a snail’s pace. I may adjust the speed later

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