New paths through levels

Now that ladders, lifts, etc. are in the game, I decided it was time to actually use them.

I’ve rebuilt the start of the first non-tutorial level so you have to climb out of a sewer or a pipe. In the previous version, the sewer was just a pipe at the same level as the street, which just didn’t look right, but in this version, it could be a maintenance tunnel to a canal, etc. You can also climb onto one of the roofs around the level, and then use that to avoid the spammers.

The second level now has a sewer that leads to a dungeon under a police Moderator station. Bit of a design flaw there, but it does get you past a spambot that’s too dumb to move from it’s junction. Yes, I know they weren’t meant to be particularly bright, but this is taking it a bit far!

I am thinking of adding some rooftop paths, again to add some variety, since this level has only two roads you can follow. Perhaps a fire escape into an apartment for a certain objective would lead you out across the rooftops…

I also rewrote the briefings for the levels slightly, trying to make them sound more like Garrett from Thief, and I’m considering recording them. The next upload is going to be a sample recording…if I’m not too embarrassed by my own voice.


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