Spamocalypse 0.5.0: new level, stats, and artwork.

Finally, I have a new build, which brings Spamocalypse to 0.5.0. The changes:

  • I added the final level. This uses the same scenery as the first (non-tutorial) level, but there’s no loot to steal this time – just get to the sewers where you started!
  • I also added a credits scene (see below for a screenshot). This will display your total stats over the course of the game – number of deaths, kills, loot stolen and how often you were spotted.
  • I finally fixed that bug where you could lean over while jumping. It wasn’t a game-breaker, but it looked bloody weird.
  • Some general artwork updates. In particular, the SQLer now fires darts instead of blobs. They still use a sphere collider to handle physics, but I figure that will do.
  • Refactored the patrol points so they have a component attached to them. This component, PatrolPoints.cs, just holds their position, purely so I can filter through the scene more easily.

Here’s the credits screen. You can skip the credits and stats by pressing “Escape”

The next stage is to create more props for the levels, giving the player more places to hide or things to look at, then any bug or UI fixes I can think of. Nearly two years in development…I might actually finish this after all!

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