Spamocalypse release 1.0.0

Finally, two years since I started working on it, Spamocalypse has reached version 1.0.0. My brother tested 0.8.1 and made some suggestions, some of which I have implemented:

  • The map and notes have an alternative method for closing. You can still close them using the “close” buttons, but pressing Escape or F/M will now do that as well
  • I finally fixed a bug in the camera rotation, which would have resulted in the player appearing to stand upside down. One of the current known issues is that on my Linux machine, camera rotation using the mouse is locked to the screen, so I didn’t realise that this could occur. I have fixed it, though he found it amusing.
  • The knife animation was too short, i.e. it didn’t travel far enough. I’ve increased the thrust length so it is a bit easier to use.
  • He also mentioned that it was hard to aim the SQLer when the spammers are moving laterally. However, that’s due to the SQLer rounds being physics-based, so the player would have to manually aim it to account for this. I haven’t implemented this, but it might come into future games.
  • I increased the Moderator’s turning speed while trying to investigate an collision issue with the spammers. I couldn’t reproduce that issue, but make the Mods turn faster will make them react faster to the player
  • .

Anyway, this is the official release of Spamocalypse. Here’s the release trailer: