Back in the game

Been a while…I blame hardware issues.

Back in January, I decided to update my Linux kernel to include some patches for Spectre. Unfortunately, this screwed up my graphics card drivers, so I couldn’t run Unity (or even some of my games). I thought I’d wait for a bit and get Mint 19 when it’s stable.

Just two weeks ago, I decided to try upgrading Mint to 18.3 (which is stable, and will be supported until 2021), but that didn’t make things any better. Eventually, I gave up and did a fresh install, overwriting my entire hard drive. I missed one or two projects (particularly a project for a generic AI framework and automated test bed for it), but most of my stuff was backed up. Including the stuff I actually wanted to work on 🙂

So, I’m starting The Phishers’ Gauntlet again. This time, I’ve set up a Git repo for version control, and have given myself a year to finish it. I’m planning the 0.1 release to be at the end of this month, though I’m already ahead of where I wanted to be thanks to backing things up 🙂

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