Phishers’ Gauntlet: 0.1 released

What it says on the tin 🙂

The list of features is:

  • Player movement/health/endurance
  • NPC models with basic animations, voices and attacks
  • Spear-induced hallucinations, which cause damage if you don’t close them quickly enough
  • A basic UI, including a level map
  • Main menu with some scenery

I actually added more features than I had intended; I had originally planned to leave the models/animations, voice clips and player map until later releases. However, I found I had some time to spare, so I decided to add those in now and get a basic prototype of them in. I’m actually surprised that I got the animations done quicker than I expected!

There are one or two issues that are bugging me. Firstly, the player can’t really see traps that are in water. This makes it near impossible to get out of traps that are in the water, and I’d like to at least give the player a chance to get out of them! Secondly, showing the poison screen at regular intervals is very annoying; I think I may make it a once-off thing.

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