New short story, character images

I’ve just uploaded a new short story, bringing the total number in Connacht Disaster Zone to 8. The new one, Of Snakes and Birds, involves a journalist overhearing an off-duty soldier chatting with a friend, and the resulting newspaper article.

I’ve also decided to upload initial images for two of the main recurring characters of the series: Diarmuid and Siobhán. They’re posted below the fold, with some basic info on the characters themselves.

Diarmuid is from the Claddagh, a fishing village just west of Galway (it’s right in the centre now, though historically it was actually separate to the town itself). His main distinguishing features are his blood-red eyes that he usually hides with sunglasses (not particularly well, as shown below), and his grumpy, misanthropic attitude that stems from peoples’ attitudes towards him (usually something along the lines of “ah, help, demon!!1!”).

Born in Keel, Achill Island, Co Mayo, to human citizens of Conradh na Bhfir Tollán (The Dwarven League). Siobhán considers herself to be a law-abiding citizen, and as such regards orcs to be inhuman monsters. After all, that’s what everyone tells her a Good Citizen should believe! Somehow, the fact that she ended up disappearing into the dwarven justice system due to a colossal screw-up hasn’t destroyed her faith in authority. Yet.

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