Character sketches

Over the weekend, I finally filled in some character sketches I had lying around. All three of these are part of the Connacht Disaster Zone series; the third one (Vice Admiral Falsen) is effectively the protagonist of In Which The Kingdom of Scandinavia Plans To Troll The British Navy, and the other two are my first completed sketches of a Fomorian.

The Fomorians in this are effectively orcs. The green parts of their skin is an enviromental skin fungus; it can be treated by sunlight, but that’s not really an option for one of the children below. The main symptom of being a Fomorian are…enlarged muscles. Not something that really shows up in the below images.

Maebh Ní Bhrodaí, a Fomorian child
Séamus Uí Shea, a Fomorian lad with albinism
Vice Admiral Falsen of the Royal Nordic Navy’s Special Warfare Office

I plan to add more characters sketches; maybe I’ll make a collage out of them.

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