Updated images

While looking back over my character portraits, I realised that I could improve them. Most (if not all) of them lacked eyelashes – something that particularly stood out up close, and the lack of shadows made things look a bit flat. There was also an image of Siobhán that had more hair on one side of her head than I intended. So, here’s the updated ones, plus a new portrait of Siobhán herself.

In the original upload, none of the children had shadows behind them, and Siobhán (on the right) had much longer hair on her left side. This is set about six/seven weeks after her entire left head was shaved, so it’s probably a bit longer than it should be.

The very earliest version of the sketch just included Seamus (the albino) and Diarmuid (yellow sunglasses); I added Maebh and Siobhán to fill out the empty space.

A profile portrait of a teenage boy smoking while staring vacantly into the distance

The previous upload didn’t have Diarmuid exhaling. My original hand-drawn sketch planned to have him under an awning of some kind in the rain for a bit of a film noir vibe, but I couldn’t get the background right.

What I’ve been able to find suggests that 14-year-olds would be allowed to smoke in the 1910s-1920s, but he’s not inclined to care either way.

A portrait of a young Fomorian girl

The original upload didn’t include eyelashes – which I really should have noticed the first time around. I also made the sides of her eyes a little more colourful to try distinguishing them from her skin.

An initial portrait of Siobhán. The sketch took me about 20-30 minutes…painting it took about an hour. I could probably improve this further.

Her hair here is a bit shorter than above; this is meant to be relatively soon after arriving at the Fomorian detention facility. In-universe, this is that the dwarves do to their prisoners as a means of making them stand out. I have not fully decided how she ended up in that situation.

Version 2 of the above portrait. I toned down the lines of her nose. The remnants are due to her skin layer in Gimp being slightly transparent, allowing the underlying sketch to appear in the background.

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