Siobhán vs Shiva

A girl staring at a mirror from behind. The portrait in the mirror is splattered in blood and appears to be grinning insanely

I originally sketched this in about twenty minutes.

In some pieces, Diarmuid has referred to Siobhán as “Shiva”, completely unaware that this is the Hindu god of destruction. In fact, in the story where he first refers to her as Shiva, he doesn’t even know what Hinduism is.

Siobhán hasn’t taken being turned into a Fomorian very well, even if she doesn’t actually have the fangs that her mirror self shows. This is really her perception of herself after being forcibly mutated.

And here’s a video of me recording it (with the inevitable screw-up where I forget to resume recording for a few minutes after pausing to put my coffee cup away). Hopefully OpenShot hasn’t caused the audio to glitch out again.

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