Plans for 2022

Wasn’t 2021 supposed to be better than 2020? Well, that wouldn’t be particularly hard. Now that I have that out of the way, here’s my plans for next year:

Connacht Disaster Zone

At the end of last year, I had 18 completed short stories, and planned to try reaching 25 by the end of this year. Now I have 31. That’s far more successful than I had expected! Some works in progress I have to finish up are:

  • St Patrick is alleged to have driven the snakes from Ireland. That got me wondering how the Fir Nathair / snake people would react to this, and I decided to draw a comic of it. The plan for that is to have it finished for St Patrick’s Day.
  • About a month ago, I posted an absurdly complicated process for making tea, and most of the people I’ve shared it with found it hilariously accurate. I am working on a larger piece where somebody has to go through that.

I have noticed that I have some rough arcs pervading throughout the stories, and it might be a good idea to start categorising them as such. I might get more ideas that way.

Game Development

I stopped working on game development entirely last year – I just found I couldn’t be bothered to juggle that with my day job after I’d more-or-less finished Fiptubat. However, just under a week ago I started working on a prototype for a naval tactics game. That loosely ties into CDZ, in that I plan to eventually set it in a fictional war that took place in the Greenland Sea between the Kingdom of Scandinavia and the USA.

I’ll probably do a longer post about that in the coming weeks.

XCOM 2 Playthrough?

I love XCOM 2. After watching Christopher Odd’s last season with the Proficiency Classes and Covert Infiltration mods and testing them myself with Playable Aliens, I’m considering doing my own playthrough. However, I’m divided on doing a standard Let’s Play on Youtube, or posting here as a “Commander’s Log” summary. Or both?

Anyway, here’s hoping 2022 is less crap for everyone.

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