Short story compilations

I have about 30 stories in the Connacht Disaster Zone series, and a lot of them share common themes or an overarching narrative. So, I’ve decided that I might as well combine them with some appropriate artwork. All of these will be available via a new page, and here’s the first one.

An unsanctioned laboratory underneath Cruagh Island attempts to discover the origins of the Fomorians.

She couldn’t move. 
Her heart pounded in time with the squeak of the trolley wheels as she struggled futilely against the straps that dug into her limbs and chest. The sharp smell of antiseptic assaulted her nostrils, growing ever stronger, and stronger, and-
“Feisty bitch, ain’t she?” somebody remarked. Her head twisted upwards and to the right, eyes locking onto the dwarf who leered at her, exposing teeth that were stained from smoking tea. Emblazoned on his right chest was that logo – that rounded vertical rectangle around those three letters.

Next ones:

I already have about 7-8 stories for each of these, so collating artwork is probably the next stage.

  • Spycrabs and Fomorians: Covers the espionage efforts and low-intensity war around the zone. The title is purely because I can’t resist referencing the Spycrab glitch/meme in Team Fortress 2; more sensible ones are welcome.
  • Tales from a Fomorian Detention Centre: Set around the detention centre that Diarmuid and Siobhán end up in.

More vague:

  • Fomorians In Their Own Words: 5 stories here, but I have drafts of another two.
  • Snakes of Connacht: I seem to have got a few stories out of what were originally supposed to be generic bad guys/mercenaries/bounty hunters, but I’d like to add more, though.
  • Forgetting How To Physics: Anything that involves reality going out to lunch. I stole this title from the Failrace Youtube channel, which frequently involves game physics going wonky. I could probably do with a few more stories here.

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