Updated artwork: Blender Inquisitor and Painted Feár Nathair

I haven’t used Blender in a while, but decided to make a render of my old “The Inquisition Is Ever Vigilant” poster. I also think I may have made a grammar mistake in the original, so the text has changed to “We are Ever Vigilant” instead.

A mask that somewhat resembles a gas mask, enclosed within a hood and framed in a spotlight against a wall. Above and behind them are the Irish Gaelic translation for "We Are Ever Vigilant" in a cursive font.

And here’s the original image. In hindsight, I think the grammar might be incorrect – it should probably be An Fhiosrú instead of An Fiosrú.

A mask that somewhat resembles a gas mask, enclosed within a hood. Above and below the mask are the Irish translation for "The Inquisition Is Ever Vigilant"

I also decided that it was about time I filled in the sketch of the Feár Nathair/serpentoid answering the door. Since I didn’t have my scanner at the time, I decided to rescan and do it from scratch; I think it works better.

A humanoid snake standing in a doorway, flicking their tongue out. A second, smaller one is visible to the left of the image, peering around something.

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