CV & Job Requirements

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been linked to it after a job pitch. I have limited time for an “exploratory chat”, so here’s a list of things to note.

Deal-breakers – Things I Will Not Consider At All

  • Any requirement to relocate, or to commute outside Galway city more than once every 5 or 6 weeks.
  • Anything that involves social media, blockchain, cryptocurrencies or anything else to do with “web 3”.
  • Any kind of customer-facing role.


  • 100% remote outside Galway city.
  • I will consider hybrid roles inside Galway city, depending on distance from Knocknacarra, but do not wish to commute daily.
  • Preferably within 2 hours of GMT either way.


  • My expected gross salary for a permanent role is €60k. I will not consider equity or stock options in lieu of this.
  • Permanent roles must include pension/health insurance.

Tech Stack

  • I have no interest in chasing the latest shiny because it’s the latest shiny. Stable and functional trumps bleeding edge in my book.
  • Most of my tech experience is around web development with Java & JavaScript.
    • Most of my frontend work has been with vanilla JavaScript and Bootstrap rather than Angular/Vue/React/Svelte, etc.
    • I have very little interest in UI/UX work.


  • I prefer individual contributor roles.