New image: You Don’t Need These

This is me trying to portray depth/3D in a 2D image.

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Art process: We Are Always Watching

During a slow day at work, I sketched out a couple of images of a face mask or helmet to be worn by the enforcers of the dwarven church in the CDZ series. I had drawn a preliminary one about a year ago, based on an image from this Hackaday article on a Norwegian night vision device and the masks worn by the Overseers in Dishonored. However, it took a few attempts before I was happy with it. I figured I may as well document my process, such as it is.

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Tappers and the Office of Containment

Here’s a couple of artwork pieces I’ve been working on for Connacht Disaster Zone. One is a logo for a dwarven organisation that is responsible for investigating “Fomorian infiltration” in the areas immediately surrounding the disaster zone, and the second below the fold is one of their propaganda posters.

I’m not 100% sure on the grammar of this, but this translates roughly as “Office of Containment”. They’re effectively a secret police organisation under the auspices of the dwarven church, with a fair amount of authority (and some friction with other units). I’m planning to add a few stories that involve them.

I had the original image completed a week ago, following this GIMP tutorial, and most of the intervening time has spent been trying to figure out a name for the unit. All of them were longer and more haphazardly spelled; I’ve occasionally joked that the first person to write Irish down must been severely dyslexic.

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Siobhán vs Shiva

A girl staring at a mirror from behind. The portrait in the mirror is splattered in blood and appears to be grinning insanely
A girl staring at a mirror from behind. The portrait in the mirror is splattered in blood and appears to be grinning insanely

I originally sketched this in about twenty minutes.

In some pieces, Diarmuid has referred to Siobhán as “Shiva”, completely unaware that this is the Hindu god of destruction. In fact, in the story where he first refers to her as Shiva, he doesn’t even know what Hinduism is.

Siobhán hasn’t taken being turned into a Fomorian very well, even if she doesn’t actually have the fangs that her mirror self shows. This is really her perception of herself after being forcibly mutated.

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Character Sketches: The O’Rourke parents

More sketches done over the weekend, courtesy of an old scanner my parents had lying around. Both of these are supporting characters in the series: the heads of a clan of Fomorian smugglers around Letterfrack and Cleggan. They’ve had more page time in the longer novel I had originally worked on, but I’d like to bring them more into focus.

And here’s a video of myself filling in the Countess. Unfortunately, I forgot to unpause OBS after switching images, so no video of the Earl :facepalm:

New images (and another recording)

I sketched these on Saturday evening and Sunday morning. The first one is one that’s been kicking around my skull for a while; most of the stories that involve Diarmuid mention that he wears sunglasses for some unexplained reason…and the other is my first sketch of a “banshee”. I haven’t really touched on the banshees much past one story where a single banshee was being executed by a pack of snakes, but I’m considering that for my next story.

I also recorded myself painting in (most of) the second one. After about 45-odd minutes, I decided to cut the recording while I faffed around with the background.

Are we friends or…more?

A boy (left) and girl (right) staring at each other. The boy is smoking.

Partly for a change, I decided to try writing a mini comic instead of a short story. One my earlier pieces had a character suspecting that recurring characters Diarmuid and Siobhán might be getting attracted to each other, so here’s an attempt at drawing them realising it.

Two girls standing slightly apart. One is glancing sideways at the other; the other is staring off into the distance. Both look confused/worried

Maebh: Another game?
Siobhán: Another g-g-game would… [internally] I…oh God, am I in love?
Maebh: Hey, are you all right?
Siobhán: I…I just realised t-that I need to t-talk to Diarmuid about s-s-something.
Maebh: Sure…I think I saw him outside smoking.

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Art process: creating a poster

In my last story, I made a passing reference to a poster which showed a shark looming up from the deep at some letters. I had sketched out the base of it ages ago, so on Saturday afternoon I started filling it in. I decided to record myself doing so, and both videos are below the fold.

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