Posters for download on BuyMeACoffee

Something that popped into my head on Friday while I was in a pub saying goodbye to some former colleagues: some of my art might make good posters.

Here’s one that I had printed on canvas a few months ago, with some LEDs behind it on the wall of my home office.

The other three are a single panel of my St Patrick’s Day comic, a terror bird lancer, and a recent image of Draugr relaxing in their local hot springs.

More redone portraits

I seem to be going on a bit of an artwork refactor bend lately. These are intended to go with my next compilation, whenever that will be released, and I have a few more planned.

I’m aware that these aren’t perfect comparisons. In the case of the first one below the fold, I forgot to save GIMP’s .xcf file for that one, so I had to start from scratch anyway.

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Character Sketches: The O’Rourke parents

More sketches done over the weekend, courtesy of an old scanner my parents had lying around. Both of these are supporting characters in the series: the heads of a clan of Fomorian smugglers around Letterfrack and Cleggan. They’ve had more page time in the longer novel I had originally worked on, but I’d like to bring them more into focus.

And here’s a video of myself filling in the Countess. Unfortunately, I forgot to unpause OBS after switching images, so no video of the Earl :facepalm:

New images (and another recording)

I sketched these on Saturday evening and Sunday morning. The first one is one that’s been kicking around my skull for a while; most of the stories that involve Diarmuid mention that he wears sunglasses for some unexplained reason…and the other is my first sketch of a “banshee”. I haven’t really touched on the banshees much past one story where a single banshee was being executed by a pack of snakes, but I’m considering that for my next story.

I also recorded myself painting in (most of) the second one. After about 45-odd minutes, I decided to cut the recording while I faffed around with the background.

Art process: creating a poster

In my last story, I made a passing reference to a poster which showed a shark looming up from the deep at some letters. I had sketched out the base of it ages ago, so on Saturday afternoon I started filling it in. I decided to record myself doing so, and both videos are below the fold.

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