Serpentoid vs St Patrick’s Statue

Happy St Patrick’s Day! To celebrate, here’s a mini comic in which Kerigoo and Debraa, serpentoid soldiers of fortune, are less than impressed with Kerigoo’s sister Sectaa.

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Are we friends or…more?

A boy (left) and girl (right) staring at each other. The boy is smoking.

Partly for a change, I decided to try writing a mini comic instead of a short story. One my earlier pieces had a character suspecting that recurring characters Diarmuid and Siobhán might be getting attracted to each other, so here’s an attempt at drawing them realising it.

Two girls standing slightly apart. One is glancing sideways at the other; the other is staring off into the distance. Both look confused/worried

Maebh: Another game?
Siobhán: Another g-g-game would… [internally] I…oh God, am I in love?
Maebh: Hey, are you all right?
Siobhán: I…I just realised t-that I need to t-talk to Diarmuid about s-s-something.
Maebh: Sure…I think I saw him outside smoking.

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