Unity Projects

This is a list of various Unity projects that I’ve worked on. I don’t really do much game development any more, due to the fact that I’m a software engineer in my day job.

Tactical Pathfinding Simulations
This was my thesis project for my Master’s degree in Software Design & Development, examining the concept of tactical path-finding in video games. For those who know nothing about video games, it basically meant putting two teams of bots into a fight while getting one of them to do stuff like, for instance, avoid a position if an ally had died near that position. The statistics weren’t significant enough to prove this, but I learned a fair amount on this.

Valentine’s Day Escape (Windows only)
Not my first game, but the first that wasn’t rubbish. It’s a procedurally generated endless runner, in which Big Romance decides to have the player killed for not taking part in Valentine’s Day. The player’s goal is to get as high a score as possible, which can be done by travelling further, or by launching overcooked loaves of brack at airships and mocking adverts. It can be found here.

Spamocalypse: Aftermath (Windows, Mac, Linux)
A first-person stealth-based game in the style of Thief, inspired by some particularly obnoxious spammers on the Unity3D forums. I originally intended to use it to figure out how to make NPCs see the player if the player’s surroundings are bright enough, or hear the player’s footsteps, but then I started extending it to develop other mechanics. You can find it on GameJolt.

Pathfinding base
I decided to store some basic pathfinding code on GitHub so that I have a base to work off for future projects. Feel free to use this for your own projects, as long as you include a link to the repository.

Unity Null Hunter
This is a Unity asset I wrote after being spammed with Null Reference Exceptions when I forgot to assign a public variable. It’s stored on GitHub, in case anyone finds this useful.

The Phisher’s Gauntlet
Based on a throwaway joke in Spamocalypse: Aftermath where phishers are creatures that lurk on rooftops, waiting to hit people with their phishing spears. This was planned a stealth-action game with multiple player characters, but recurring hardware issues and burnout have lead to me putting it on permanent hiatus.

Pronounced “Fiptubat”. This is basically an attempt to see if I can do a turn-based tactics game such as XCOM, Silent Storm or Jagged Alliance 2 from a first-person perspective. It’s mechanically complete, and I’ve decided to leave it as it is.

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